Tuesday, 6 October 2009


This week we went through more new vocabulary as well as finding out about dates (all in BSL) for the Slough Deaf Club events. Mark went through the exam criteria for 102. I signed up for Signature BSL Homework site. It is really good-very short videos that you can watch time and time again and a tab where you can reveal the words if stuck, also a dictionary with some alternative signs too. The 101 lessons are free then you have to pay for more.

Mark gave us a picture of a domestic scene and got us to use this to describe the people in the picture. We also learned about signs for when you are ill. See this video of the new signs.

For the last part of the lesson we watched some very fast signing using the Signing for Dummies DVD that Mark recommends for practice.£12.99 from Amazon click here to go to the page. More lessons tonight!


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