Sunday, 27 September 2009

101 Exam

I came back jet lagged and conscious that I had three weeks out of the UK and failed to Sign at all. So the lesson was a bit of a shock to see that in my absence everyone had been practising like mad and this week was the dress rehearsal for the exam the following week.

Mark had a video camera which had been recording him earlier ready for his Level 4 NVQ assessment. He managed to get us to all have a go at five minutes of some simple vocabulary and then when we had all sat in the hot seat he told us that that was it for real-the exam......all I can say is that I fluffed as much as I could and hopefully have passed.

I learned that we need to repeat back what is said to us to engage with the person we are talking with-that is excellent for me because it means that I am reflecting the signing and particularly good when the finger spelling is too fast.

Last week we were back in to serious learning of new vocabulary. The first words were all to do with work. I hope that I have understood these correctly. Here is the first video.

The next video is all about multi-channelling. I think that is learning a phrase that has a combination of a sign and a facial expression and or a word. The word sounds seemed to be "poo", "rem" and "rum" and the facial expressions were things like puffing out your cheeks, sticking your tongue out slightly, pursing of lips and showing your teeth!

Here is Mark teaching us these signs-again please correct me if I have the subtitles wrong.

Looking forward to Tuesday's lesson as I have been doing some practice this week!