Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Week 3 Time and new vocabulary

We started this session straight in at the deep end. Mark gave us a list of sentences to attempt.
See you tomorrow
See you later.
See you next week etc.

The signs seem to instantly float out of my head and all of us are quickly trying to draw little diagrams or instructions about the sign. It is so easy to confuse them and it all seems so simple when Mark demonstrates.

I am trying to go through the sheets once a day first thing in the morning. We also have the added joy of Mark giving us either the informal or formal signs, and often Mark tells us that an alternative sign is now in use.

We were reminded about context and facial expression, and that BSL syntax is different so that lots of little words are unnecessary and word order changes with "Classifier" first.

Anyway I am still trying and think in time some of this new vocabulary will stick.

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